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Elixir Clinic – Thrissur Psychiatrist Hospital offers comprehensive mental health services. The department has payward rooms for patients and can accommodate many patients. The psychiatric service provides comprehensive care in all diagnostic categories including Acute Psychotic Reactions and Substance Abuse Disorder. Outpatient services are available seven days a week and receive approximately fifty patients daily. Special follow-up clinics are conducted for people suffering from chronic Schizophrenia on clozapine treatment and people suffering from Mood disorders on lithium prophylaxis.

The Psychiatrist department at Elixir Clinic also offers comprehensive services in psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Elixir Clinic is also home to a Rehabilitation Center for Chronic Schizophrenics and a Remedial Trainer for children who have scholastic difficulties. The psychiatric staff is well-trained to deal with various psychiatric emergencies and conducts regular rotations for medical students. In addition, the Thrissur Psychiatrists are also involved in research work.

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The Psychiatrist department in Thrissur provides outpatient services for both children and adults. Elixir Clinic is equipped with clinical psychologists and a rehabilitation center for Chronic Schizophrenics. Inpatient care is provided twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It also runs an intensive research program in psychiatry and works closely with the Clinical Psychology department. Elixir Clinic is home to a wide variety of clinical services.

The Department of Psychiatry at the Elixir Clinic offers a variety of psychiatric services.. The clinical psychologists at Elixir Clinic are highly experienced in the field of psychiatry. Elixir Clinic offers an extensive range of mental health services. Among the many sub-specialties of the Thrissur psychiatry hospital, the department offers drug treatment, psychotherapy, and consultation liaise.

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